• Education

    “David Campos has tackled San Francisco’s most pressing issues with care, diligence, and with a steadfast commitment to progressive values. He is the leader I trust to make an impact in Sacramento.”

    -Tom Ammiano, State Assemblymember

  • Healthcare

    “Right now, paying the rent is hard enough without having to worry about medical bills. Closing the health care loophole means I would be able to buy health insurance for the first time ever. I can stop worrying about what happens if I get sick and that means a lot. It means peace of mind.” -Brent Sanchez, Restaurant Worker

  • Affordability

    “The Free MUNI for Youth program is a huge help for our families. We won’t have to choose between paying the rent and buying our passes.”

    -Claudia Bustamante, Potrero Hill Parent

  • Women’s Health

    “The clinic is just two blocks from my house and I regularly pass by aggressive protesters as I pass the clinic while riding my bike to work.”

    -Becky Bond, District 9 Resident

Standing up for all of us



My Story

Arriving in the U.S. at age 14, David started his American journey undocumented and unable to speak English.