"Our services would no longer be needed."


Ginny Molson

Public School Teacher

Six years ago, I quit a job that I wasn’t happy with to get my teaching credential. Working with kids is so much more fun and rewarding than working with adults, but the past few years have been tough.

They say that 50% of teachers quit in their 5th year of teaching. This is my 5th year, and I’ve never known an education system where I have enough money for classroom supplies or job security. We’re always stretching, always lacking. I can’t say if I had A, B, or C I’d be fine. What I do know is that it’s not sustainable.

I get to school around 7am and I stay until 6–7pm every day. I am exhausted. There’s also the threat of losing your job each year. Last year, we received letters in the mail letting us know that our “services would no longer be needed.” This sends a message to me that I’m not valued, that I’m expendable.

Supervisor Campos has been hard at work on behalf of teachers like me. David has been a staunch supporter of teachers by preserving the rainy day fund for schools and fighting for the funds to prevent teacher layoffs.

It helps to know that I can count on David to look out for me and these wonderful kids, so I can focus on what is most important— educating my students.


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