"It didn't take long for protestors to figure out where we were."


Phyllis Schoenwald

Planned Parenthood

I have lived in San Francisco for 37 years and started working for Planned Parenthood in 1986. I am proud to be part of an organization
that provides essential women’s health services through our two new health centers in San Francisco’s
Mission and Bernal Heights neighborhoods.

After opening our doors, it didn’t take long for protesters to figure out where we were. Our entrance is right on a public sidewalk, which makes it complicated to have any kind of barrier or protection from protesters who aggressively harass our staff and clients. 

For staff, it’s hard to “maintain the cool” every day with protesters set up shop outside. For our patients, the harassment is particularly hard. We’ll never know how many people don’t come in the door because of what these people will make them endure.

We reached out to Supervisor Campos right away. He helped us through the whole process of setting up a barrier zone between the protestors and the front door, so our patients can access our services. His office has been amazing, and still check in with us to see how we’re doing. Through David’s work, I can do mine too.


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